History of Giving Diamond Engagement Rings

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History of Giving Diamond Engagement Rings

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History of Giving Diamond Engagement Rings - The diamond known for a long time only two kings and then two very few of them has greater value than any other human possession and not merely than any other gemstone historically diamonds were originally found in sediments of loose rock and India.

India led the world in diamond production from the time of their discovery to the mid 18th century, the Renaissance period was the first point in time when diamonds were used as engagement rings in 1477. The Archduke Maximilian gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring this was a trend that at that time became popular only really among royalty only really among those who who were have diamond extraction from mining only started in the 1870s improved mining technologies means improved supply. 

So, where we are now is you know only with really this increased technology are we really capable of on a broader scale meeting a much greater level of demand and no longer really is it only for nobility it you know it is at least somewhat attainable to a much broader class of people in 1886 Charles Tiffany brought the modern and diamond engagement ring setting to the masses in the form of the classic tip a new setting that we still have today so leanor Roosevelt received a Tiffany diamond engagement ring from Franklin Roosevelt in the fall of 1903. 

So it's really important because if you think bout it it's you know a little over a hundred years ago so from a little over 100 years ago until now there has been such a massive shift and we really have Tiffany to thank for popularizing a look that we today still very much honor respect and love you

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