Vintage Rings Under $100 Update 2020

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Vintage Rings Under $100 Update 2020

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Vintage Rings Under $100, Hello, My Name is Aris and today, I wanted to show you some European vintage gold rings. all of these rings were made in Czechoslovakia, during 1950 to 1980. They're all 14-karat gold as well, I'll just put this back. 

Vintage Rings 1

So, I can show you the Rings properly this ring was given to me to me by my late grandmother, she had this ring custom made it's got a purple amethyst colored faceted stone. The setting is rose and yellow gold, I love how the shank goes although all the way up to the stone here and sort of like a sword shape. 

That's my favorite feature on this ring show you what it looks like underneath. it's beautiful my grandmother loved big bold statement pieces rings and earrings mainly.

Vintage Rings 2

This next one is a lovely ornate gold ring it's got a ruby colored faceted stone oval bezel set, the setting is rose and yellow gold as well, this one's been big for me too quite a large size.

Vintage Rings 3

Okay, at the end of the article, I would really love it.  if you would tell me with your favourite one this one is a mixture of white gold rose gold and ye low gold it's got a faceted claw prong-set topaz it's I said just beautiful probably be on the finger. 

Vintage Rings 4

This next ring, has a lovely ornate yellow girll gold setting, got a blue bluish purplish faceted stone on it.

Vintage Rings 5

The next one is a natural coral cabochons, tie set and the cabochon is prong, set with prongs this is one of the later ones next spring is huge. it's a huge natural rose quartz cocktail ring grandma would love this one it's got a rose gold and yellow gold setting. it's just massive and beautiful put it on okay nothing off of that month alright this one is quite petite compared to the others that I've shown you it's got a ruby colored faceted stone also rose in yellow gold setting we look Fergus. 

Vintage Rings 6

The last two are also natural rose quartz rings I'll show you each one individually this one also has a rose and yellow gold setting and so does the other one this one is low set however I like I like the way that the stone has been faceted on a slant as you can see it's slanting sort of that way I think that's  ind of cool had I've made that it's got thicker claw prongs on each corner in the last one this one's a higher set.

Vintage Rings 7

Than the one, I've just shown you it gets really funky it's also got the four prongs, but the the stone is being cut straight like most stones. This is also a natural rose quartz, we'll put it on for you showcase it. 

Okay so that's all of the Rings, I know which my favorite is I'm going to have to be biased and then go for my grandmother's ring. This one with the with the swords sword shank sort of looking shank, but I would love to hear from you and let me know which one your favorite is. 

I don't think this one's going to stand up well what's gonna stand up for me. Okay, yeah please leave a comment below and let me know which one your favorite is . 

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